FAQ: Tohoku Konjac Sponge

What kind of box or pouch can I store this in?
Any plastic food container or pouch is fine, or even without a container in a skincare fridge is suitable. The container prevents cross-contamination with foods while it dries out.

Why would this grow mould if I leave it out?
Mould can grow on natural fibres like Konjac when completely free of preservatives or strong anti-fungal chemicals/pesticides. It’s a natural degradation process, but it will not happen when it’s completely dry - so do put it back in the fridge after use.

Can I use this on my face?
Yes. However, avoid scrubbing with too much pressure, as the sponge fibres are resilient enough to clear away dead skin cells and debris.

Is the more Alkaline the sponge, the better?
Too Alkaline or Acidic is actually not so good for skin, as you want to avoid PH disruptions - skin is naturally more acidic, and 8.4 offers just enough alkalinity to balance.

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