Using Your New Ceramide Orbs

Using Your New Ceramide Orbs
So you've just ordered new Ceramide & EGF Treatment Orbs and are curious about how to use them?


Find the arrow mark. Pull up and then sideways, keeping your fingers on the plastic lid, not the metal seal.

WARNING: The packaging is designed for professional use. Please do not use your fingers to remove the metal ring if the lid breaks off. Exercise caution and use metal tweezers or scissors to remove the metal binding.


Mix orb with Snow Fox serum (3–4 pumps) until dissolved and pat gently into skin.


Finish the treatment with a Snow Fox Sheet Mask of choice and continue use 1–2 times a week.


How does the Ceramide & EGF Treatment Orb work again?

Originally for professional use only, the Ceramide & EGF Treatment Orb condenses more than 12 different active ingredients into a weightless orb using freeze-dry technology.
This orb looks like a little snowball and melts upon contact with Snow Fox serum. Once mixed, it boosts and amplifies the serum's effects to deliver an instant dose of hydration, skin barrier enhancement and firming. Clinical studies on one of the active ingredients alone have shown a +6% improvement in wrinkle volume in as little as 30 minutes! First, how to open the bottles.

What's this penis facial I keep hearing about?

We've gotten a LOT of inquiries about the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) we use in our orbs - the secret to plump, beautiful, smooth skin in minutes. But are these really from the foreskins of baby boys?! Early forms of EGFs were in fact extracted from foreskins, but these days NO PENISES are harmed for EGF skincare. At least not for ours - we use a barley-derived, vegan EGF that's ethically sourced and 100% penis-free. 🍆

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions, and we understand why people would be upset about harvesting 🍆. Still, here it's 100% ethically sourced, vegan EGFs only.