FAQ: Instant Cloud Skin Make Up Brush

What's so special about this brush exactly? 
It magically airbrushes the look of pores and irregular texture by blending make up products seamlessly over skin, in seconds. It also minimizes product use better than other make up tools. 

What skin type does this brush work best for?
This brush can be used across all skin types. However, the density and bristle hardness was designed with sensitive skin in mind to reduce the risk of irritations. The flexi-neck also helps minimize over-pressure on the skin, avoiding over tugging and "dragging" across the face.

Does this speed up my application of makeup?
Yes! It also minimizes product usage, so a few dabs of concealer or foundation can now cover more than before. It works with various mediums such as powders, creams and liquids for ultimate versatility.

Does this replace a blender? What's the difference between a blender and a sponge?
It can replace or work perfectly well with a blender. Blenders or sponges give a slightly different finish, as blenders are mostly used wet and brushes are dry. Both items can be used with each other on different areas of the face. The brush, for example, can be used mainly to blend the nose, undereye and areas with enlarged pores to fill in any irregularities. A blender can then be used on top for a dewier finish. We recommend experimenting with both finishing textures and customizing a makeup routine that best suits you! 

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