FAQ: Herbal Youth Lotus Tonic

What if I have oily skin?
Although it is still suitable, for oilier skin types we recommend the Cucumber Recovery Tonic instead, as it addresses root concerns and helps to rebalance skin's sebum production.

Can I put this in a spray bottle?
We do not suggest moving it to a spray bottle as it has a naturally richer, emollient-like texture. That would make it too thick for many misting or spray nozzles.

Can I soak cotton pads with the Tonic and apply on skin?
Yes! You can soak a cotton pad or preferably minimize waste by using our Snow Fox Reusable Bamboo Pads instead.

Is this product safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

Should I use the Cucumber Recovery Tonic or Herbal Youth Lotus Tonic?
The Cucumber Recovery Tonic was formulated for oily and combo skin types, where as the Herbal Youth Lotus Tonic is a better fit for dry or mature skin types. The first tonic is lightweight, refreshing and clarifying, while the second is richer, denser in texture and hydrates throughout the day with anti-aging benefits, so we recommend you make your choice depending on your main skincare concern.

Any extra tips?
For those with chronically dry skin, daily use of the Herbal Youth Lotus Tonic continually nourishes the skin with Olive Fruit Glycolipids. For best results, use the Herbal Youth Lotus Tonic with the Herbal Youth Mask twice a week and follow up Herbal Youth Oil day and night. The Herbal Youth Lotus Tonic was formulated together with the Herbal Youth Mask with matching formulas that have a “stack” effect for a visibly radiant, youthful glow.

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