FAQ: LiftBright Crystal Eye-Light Serum Roller

Which part of my skincare routine does this fit in?
Use this as a finishing step morning (right before make up) or night before bed, although we recommend this for mornings as our eyes are most puffy right after we wake up. (Roll away those Sleep Eyes!)

Does it contain Pearl dust or Mica?
No. While the serum liquid looks ""pearly"", it actually contains a high concentration of a natural light reflecting mineral used since Ancient Egypt. It reflects light even under make up, to mimic a natural skin ""glow"" and can help illuminate and highlight natural contours in the face. Roll along the top of cheekbones or bridge of the nose as natural highlight.

Can I use this on all parts of my face?
Yes, any area that you want an instant lifting and brightening effect - such as smile lines, temples, bridge and tip of nose, cheek bones, chin and forehead.

Is this product safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

Extra Tips and Tricks
Place in a fridge (not freezer) beforehand to make it extra cold during summer. This serum works beautifully with cosmetics and can enhance skin tone under make up, which is why we suggest using it to prime the eye lids to keep them hydrated all day long.

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