FAQ: Luxury Home Spa Collection

I have some scarring and blemishes from breaking out. Does this help?
Yes! To increase the intensity of the hot stone facial experience and its results, wash face with the Cooling Foam Cleanser, dry and then apply this mask. Warm up with Black Obsidian Hot Stone Gua Sha and press the flat sides on top of the sheet mask, focusing on troubled areas. After 20 min, peel off mask and wash off excess serum. Dry skin and follow up with the True Luminosity Serum. Apply the True Luminosity Serum morning and night for a min. of 3 weeks daily, on conjunction with the Hot Stone Mask 3 times a week for quickly visible results!

I'm in my 20s and have very dry skin, is this mask suitable for me?
Yes, this formula is really meant for anyone with dry skin, however dry skin tends to be more common as we age.

Which one should I start with?
If you have dry skin but are concerned about discolorations such as pigmentation, pores and redness, the Hot Stone Facial Mask is the one to start with. If you are looking feeling dry, with premature fine lines, start with the Herbal Youth Mask 2 to 3 times a week until all 5 masks are used, and then repeat consistently with the Hot Stone Facial Mask for best results.

True Luminosity Serum
While our masks are suitable for every day use, we recommend starting off 2 to 3 times a week.
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Is this product safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?
Yes, it's safe but we recommend a patch test if concerned. Any additional tips for best results?
Using the Black Obsidian Hot Stone Gua Sha with this mask will amplify and speed up brightening results. If you still want to add a little more warmth without the Black Obsidian Hot Stone Gua Sha, use your fingers to massage around the face and it will warm up as well!

For the Herbal Youth Mask, you can use a Crystal Facial Roller on top of the sheet mask to speed up absorption time and amplify benefits. Follow with the Herbal Youth Tonic and Herbal Youth Oil for the benefit of a full anti-aging skincare routine for dry skin types.

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