FAQ: Ultra Soft Skin Perfecting Blender Set

Can I use this dry?
Yes you can, however we suggest using the blenders damp to get them even softer and fluffier. For dry skin, we recommend using them damp with water or a hydrating tonic for a boost of hydration.

What's the best way to dispose of the Coconut Blender?
You can dispose of them into the plastics recycling. The coconut husk naturally degrades and the remaining PU can be recycled.

What’s the difference between the two blenders?
Both sponges have different shape functions – the Teardrop blender has a precision tip point which helps to conceal spots and reach small areas of the face, while the curved edge is great for traditional blending. For those wanting to try a new way of blending, the Polygon blender is a fantastic new way of cutting down makeup application time without giving up any of the smoothness of an effectively blended buff.

Any extra tips?
Add a few pumps of Omega Repair Cream into your liquid foundations before blending product in for a seamless look with extra nourishing. Spray or soak the Coconut blender with a hydrating tonic for another boost of hydration.

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